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There are a number of journals that are of interest to those working on the history of economics. These include not only other history of economic thought journals, but also economics, philosophy, science studies journals. The Italian Association for the History of Political Economy (STOREP) has produced an impressive annotated list of such journals that you can find here.


For videos produced by HES check our “HES videos” page. Below you find a list of other videos:

  • Interviews:

    • Conversations with History: includes over 600 interviews with economists, economic historians and other intellectuals. Created in 1982 and produced by Harry Kreisler at the University of California at Berkeley
    • Craufurd Goodwin on the founding of the journal History of Political Economy (HOPE) and his career (by Harro Maas and Tiago Mata): video 1 and video 2
    • Economics: Past, Present and Future: an interview project co-produced by of Goldsmiths Economics (University of London) and the Independent Social Research Foundation (ISRF), it contains interviews with academic economists in the U.K. on the past and the present state of economics, as well as new directions to economics
    • Library of Economics and Liberty (Econlib) videos, by the Liberty Fund: of two kinds, intellectual portraits and videos from its symposia and panel discussions
    • Masters of Finance: 14 interviews with leading economists who were important in the history of finance (2014 videos produced by the American Finance Association)
    • MIT Infinite History Project: an oral history project celebrating MIT’s 150th anniversary, including interviews with MIT economists

Radio Programs:

Grit, luck and epic failures: writing on the JEL codes , Beatrice Cherrier, HES Conference, Chicago 2018