The History of Economics Society instituted in 2017 a new award for the Best Conference Paper by a Young Scholar.

Papers are eligible if (1) they were presented at the HES annual conference, and (2) the author qualifies as a Young Scholar: anyone who at the time of the conference is a student or anyone who received their PhD after January 1 of the second year prior to that of the HES meeting (for example, Jan. 2019 for the 2021 HES meeting).

The award is not limited to those that received Young Scholar funding for the conference. Anyone who qualifies as a Young Scholar is eligible. Self nominations are accepted.

Award Recipients

2020 N/A HES was not able to award a paper this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and it’s impacts on the annual conference
2019 Yue Xiao John Stuart Mill and China: Peeking Behind China’s Stationary State
2018 Matthew Panhans
2017 Francesco Sergi “The Standard Narrative on History of Macroeconomics: Central Banks and DSGE Model”