For JHET articles forthcoming in volumes beginning with 40 (2018), the journal offers authors the possibility of linking from this page to their accepted typescripts (after acceptance for publication but before copy-editing and other minor changes) at SocArXiv, a non-profit and open-access platform for dissemination of academic research.

The following is not a comprehensive list of JHET‘s accepted typescripts. It includes only those posted to SocArXiv. It is presented in no order other than volume number and year of forthcoming publication. To obtain the version of record for any article, once it becomes available, readers should consult JHET‘s web page at Cambridge University Press or the print issue of the journal.



Edwards, José Harry Helson’s Adaptation-Level Theory, Happiness Treadmills, and Behavioral Economics 40.1 (March)
Suprinyak, Carlos Dreams of Order and Freedom: Debating Trade Management in Early-17th Century England

40.3 (Sept.)

Pomini, Mario The Economic Dynamics and the Calculus of Variations in the Interwar Period

40.1 (March)

Rössner, Philipp Monetary Theory and Cameralist Economic Management, c. 1500-1900 A.D.

40.1 (March)

Maffeo, Vincenzo, Fabio Ravagnani, and Andrea Imperia

Wicksell on Walras’s Early Treatment of Capital and Interest

40.1 (March)

Lewin, Peter, and Nicolas Cachanosky

The Average Period of Production: The History and Rehabilitation of an Idea

40.1 (March)

Boianovsky, Mauro

Economists and Their Travels, or the Time When JFK Sent Douglass North on a Mission to Brazil

40.2 (June)

Numa, Guy, and Alain Béraud

Beyond Say’s Law: The Significance of J.-B. Say’s Monetary Views

40.2 (June)

Mosca, Manuela, and Francesco Martelloni

De Viti De Marco, the “European War”, and President Wilson

40.2 (June)

Button, Kenneth J. A.J. Brown, “Phillips’ Curve”, and Economic Networks in the 1950s 40.2 (June)
Ahiakpor, James C. Keynes, Mill, and Say’s Law: A Comment on Roy Grieve’s Mistaken Criticisms of Mill 40.2 (June)
Rosell, Olivier The Contribution of Robert Torrens to Ricardo’s Theory of Natural Wage 40.2 (June)
 Kates, Steven  Making Sense of Classical Theory 40.2 (June)
 Menudo, José M.  Journal Of The History Of Economic Thought Preprints – Sir James Steuart On The Origins Of Commercial Nations  40.4 (Dec.)
 Sutch, Richard  Reading Keynes At The Zero Lower Bound: The Great Depression, The Liquidity Trap, And Unconventional Policy 40.3 (Sept.)
 Foresti, Tiziana, and Luca Fiorito  Eugenics and Socialist Thought In The Progressive Era: The Case Of James Medbery Mackaye  40.3 (Sept.)
 Aspromourgos, Anthony  Keynes, Public Debt And The Complex Of Interest Rates  40.4 (Dec.)

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