Upcoming HES Conference Locations:

2022 Minneapolis, MN – June 16 to 19
2023 Vancouver, Canada – June 22 to 25
2024 Santiago, Chile – dates to be determined
2025 Richmond, Virginia – dates to be determined

Conference Organizing Committee:

  • Harro Maas (Chair)
  • John Davis
  • John Singleton

Want to propose a future HES Conference location? Send the following information to


  • Your name and contact information
  • City, State, Country of proposed location
  • Location Site (name of University, Conference Center, etc.)
  • Site contact’s name and email address
  • Rationale for the location

Deadline for contacting HES regarding future locations is Oct. 1 three-years preceding your proposed conference date. Full proposals will be due to the committee by Dec. 1. of the same year (example: Dec. 1, 2019 deadline for the Summer 2022 conference).