The HES would like to thank Bruce Caldwell, Kevin Hoover, David Levy, Steve Medema, Malcolm Rutherford, Karen Vaughn and the Duke University Center for the History of Political Economy for their assistance in collecting programs and related documents.

Programs of Previous HES Annual Meetings:

Conference Year Conference Location President
2021 Utrecht, Netherlands Ross Emmett
2020 Virtual Marcel Boumans
2019 New York City Marcel Boumans
2018 Chicago Evelyn Forget
2017  Toronto Evelyn Forget
2016 Durham, NC Mauro Boianovsky
 2015 East Lansing, MI Jeff Biddle
 2014 Montreal  Robert Leonard
 2013 Vancouver Margaret Schabas
 2012 Ontario Robert Dimand
 2011 Indiana  Phil Mirowski
2010 Syracuse, NY  Jerry Evensky
 2009 Denver Steven Medema
 2008 Toronto  Avi Cohen
 2007 Fairfax, VA Sandra Peart
 2006  Grinnell, IA  Bradly Bateman
 2005 Tacoma, WA  D. Wade Hands
 2004 Toronto     Mary Morgan
 2003  Durham, NC E. Roy Weintraub
 2002  Davis, CA  Kevin Hoover
 2001  Winston-Salem, NC  J. Daniel Hammond
 2000  Vancouver  John Davis
 1999  Greensboro, NC  Bruce Caldwell
 1998  Montreal  David Colander
 1997  Charleston, SC  Robert Clower
 1996  Vancouver Malcolm Rutherford
 1995  Indiana James Henderson
 1994  Boston Laurence Moss
1993  Philadelphia  Ingrid Rima
 1992  Fairfax, VA  Karen Vaughn
 1991  College Park, MD  Robert Hebert
1990  Lexington, VA  S. Todd Lowry
1989  Richmond, VA  William Barber
1988  Toronto  Donald Moggridge
1987  Boston  Donald Walker
1986  New York City  Abraham Hirsch
1985  Fairfax, VA  A.W. Coats
1984  Pittsburgh, PA  Mark Perlman
1983  Charlottesville, VA  John Whitaker
1982  Durham, NC  Martin Bronfenbrenner
 1981  East Lansing, MI Warren Samuels
 1980  Boston William Grampp
 1979  Urbana-Champaign, IL  Royall Brandis
 1978  Toronto  Craufurd Goodwin
 1977  Irvine, CA Carl Uhr
1976  Chicago George Stigler
 1975  Boston  Joseph Spengler
1974  Chapel Hill  Vincent Tarascio


 Chicago  Organized by Warren Samuels and Vincent Tarascio

Previous HES Sessions at the Allied Social Sciences Associations (ASSA) Meetings:
please see the attached .pdf for the titles of the previous sessions since 1977 Past HES Sessions at ASSA 1977-2020