Graduate training, with either courses or a specialty track on the history of economics thought and/or methodology/philosophy of economics, or yet the possibility of writing dissertations or theses on history of economics and related areas, is available at the following universities –please check the links for more information about the graduate programs, as there are many national differences on course requirements and the status of graduate students in terms of teaching and research:

Caveat: this is not in any sense an official and complete list of institutions where history of economics is taught at graduate level. Moreover, there surely are cases in which history of economics is integral to other courses (in economics, history, philosophy, etc.), and the goal here is not to cover all this. The idea was to produce this public good by resorting to HES colleagues and compile a list that can be useful for undergraduate students interested in the area who are looking for graduate training. Students can use this list as a suggestion of places where they could have a class in history of economics and, if interested, where they could eventually write dissertations or theses. Students are advised to search for specific information with the institutions listed here as to the availability of courses and advisors in the area.

If you want to collaborate with this list, updating or expanding it, please contact us!