HES Sessions at ASSA

The 2024 Annual Meeting will be held on January 5–7, 2024 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) in San Antonio, Texas. The headquarters hotel is Grand Hyatt San Antonio.

Sessions Hosted by the History of Economics Society

Saturday, January 6

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024   

12:30 PM – 2:15 PM (CST)

Chair: Aurélien Saïdi, Paris Nanterre University

JEL Codes: E3, B2


General Equilibrium Models with Rationing: The Making of a ‘European Specialty’

  • Romain Plassard, University Paris-Dauphine
  • Matthieu Renault, University Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne

European and American Economists’ Responses to Unemployment in the 1980s

  • Roger Backhouse, University of Birmingham
  • James Forder, University of Oxford
  • Christina Laskaridis, Open University

Household Heterogeneity in Macroeconomic Models: A Historical Perspective

  • Beatrice Cherrier, CNRS and Ecole Polytechnique
  • Pedro Duarte, Insper
  • Aurélien Saïdi, Paris Nanterre University

JEL Classifications

  • E3 – Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
  • B2 – History of Economic Thought since 1925

Saturday, Jan. 6, 2024

2:30 PM – 4:30 PM (CST)

Chair: Manuela Mosca, University of Salento

JEL Codes: B5, J17


Towards Feminist Histography of Economics

  • Edith Kuiper, SUNY-New Paltz

Anna Doyle Wheeler on the Conditions and Consequences of Gender Equality

  • Kirsten Madden, Millersville University
  • Joseph Persky, University of Illinois-Chicago

Gender, the ‘Old Boy Network’ and the American Economic Review in the Early Years

  • Ann Mari May, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Rethinking the History of Economics from a Gender Perspective: The Italian Case

  • Giandomenica Becchio, University of Torino
  • Manuela Mosca, University of Salento

JEL Classifications

  • B5 – Current Heterodox Approaches
  • J7 – Labor Discrimination

Sunday, January 7

Sunday, January 7

10:15 AM – 12:15 PM (CST)

Chair: Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian, University for Development

JEL Codes: O2, B2


A Mere Guest? The Slow Process of Women’s Participation in Top Decision-Making Positions (1950-2000) in Colombia

  • Marta-Juanita Villaveces, National University of Colombia
  • Ricardo Salas, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Pilar Torres, Chamber of Commerce-Bogota

Richard Musgrave in Colombia: The Art of Tax Reform in a Developing Country

  • Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay, University of London

Foreign Advisors, Upper-Tail Human Capital and State Capacity: Lessons from Chile

  • Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian, University for Development
  • Cristián Larroulet, University for Development

Colombia’s Economic Mindset: Exploring the Pragmatic and Eclectic History of Economic Thought in Colombia

  • Andrés Álvarez, University of the Andes
  • Jimena Hurtado, University of the Andes

JEL Classifications
O2 – Development Planning and Policy
B2 – History of Economic Thought since 1925

Sunday, January 7

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM (CST)

Chair: David Levy, George Mason University

JEL Codes: B3, J7


Robert S. Browne and His Work on Reparations

  • William Darity Jr., Duke University

Spatiality and Exploratory Data Analysis in the Theorizing of Routledge Vining: Rules of the Game and the Gaming of Rules

  • M. Ali Khan, Johns Hopkins University

Harriet Martineau and Hypothesis Discovery

  • Sandra Peart, University of Richmond
  • David Levy, George Mason University

William Thompson and the Anticipation of Marx’s Historical Materialism

  • Joseph Persky, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Kirsten Madden, Millersville University

JEL Classifications
B3 – History of Economic Thought: Individuals
J7 – Labor Discrimination