One of the earliest and longest running academic email discussion lists, SHOE (Societies for the History of Economics) is a moderated forum, sponsored by the History of Economics Society and the European Society for the History of Economic Thought.

Subscription is open to all those interested in the history of economics and/or economic thought, who are willing to participate in email discussion with an attitude of mutual respect.

SHOE features the discussion of persons, themes, sources and historical methods in the history of economics; announcements of funding, internet resources, conferences and other events; requests for information and some answers; and exchanges about teaching the history of economics. All messages are archived and openly available here.

SHOE was established in February 1995 at Babson College, and originally known as the HES list. It joined the EH.Net group of lists in February 1996, and the name was changed when it moved to York University in November of 2008.

A global list, SHOE has over 1,000 subscribers from more than 40 countries.

For more information, please contact Humberto Barreto, SHOE list Moderator, at hbarreto /AT/ depauw /DOT/ edu.