The History of Economics Society welcomes applications by early career scholars for research funding of up to 1,500 dollars. The program supports early career scholars that otherwise would not have funds to undertake research activities. Up to 4 awards will be made every year.

Early career scholars are those studying for a PhD or within 4 years after completion of PhD. Eligible expenses include travel and accommodation costs for visits to archives, for recording of oral histories, or for similar activities. Subsistence, purchase of equipment, fees/licenses/rights, digitization and transcription costs are typically not eligible.

The application must include a brief description of the project, details and full costings of expenses, mention of other funding applications submitted for the same activities. These materials should not exceed 750 words. In addition, the application must include a two page CV of the applicant and a letter of support from their supervisor. Proposals should be submitted to

Successful applicants are expected to attend at least one HES conference in the two years following their award. Their attendance will be eligible for support under the Warren J. and Sylvia J. Samuels Young Scholars program.

Applicants should be aware that there may not be a specialist of their topic among the evaluation committee. Candidates should therefore provide a short but clear summary of the state of the art (with a few key references), a clear justification of why the research question the grant is addressing advances the existing literature, and detailed information about the evidence the applicant intends to gather in the research activities.

Process for reimbursement:

Awardees will be reimbursed up to $1500 for research-related travel.  You must submit receipts for expenses, including air travel, ground transportation, hotel expenses, and up to $50/day in food and misc. expenses for completed travel (for which we do not need a receipt). Hotel expenses may be restricted to a reasonable level as based on the US government’s travel allowance.  Receipts may be submitted to HES’s office manager, Amy Hardy, at  Our preferred method of payment is a check in USD.  For that, we only need your mailing address.  For international wire transfers we need your full name (as it appears on your bank account), your address (as your bank believes it to be), your bank name and location, and your IBAN.  Transfers to Brazil may require additional paperwork.

Decisions will be made by the Early Career Scholars (formerly Young Scholars) committee. There are two cycles annually, with a Dec. 1 and a May 15 deadline. Applications should be sent to


May 2023 Nahuel Aranda Nona Nenovska Alex Peeples
Dec 2022 Francis Russo
May 2022 Conrado Krivochein Conrad Jacober Rohan Shah
Dec 2021 Isobel Plowright Jéssica Nascimento Whitney McIntosh
May 2021 N/A N/A
Dec 2020 Anna Batzeli Grant Kleiser
May 2020 Theresa Steffestun Robert Yee
Dec 2019 Lúcia Centurião Eric Baker Margarita Fajardo
May 2019 Anna Noci
Dec 2018 Onur Özgöde Romain Plassard