In this page you find videos of some of the events organized by HES, its annual meeting and the ASSA-HES sessions, as well as videos from events supported by HES grants.

HES Annual Conferences

HES Annual Conferences

Evelyn Forget’s Presidential Address:  “Folk Wisdom in Economics”

Douglas Irwin’s Keynote:  “The Rise and Fall of Import Substitution”

Anwar Shaikh’s Keynote: “Constructing a Classical-Keynesian Paradigm in Economics”

Panel Discussion: “Archival Round Table”

CHAIR: David Mitch, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Bruce Caldwell, Duke University
Douglas Irwin, Dartmouth College
Sara Seten Berghausen, Duke University Library
Stephen Stigler, University of Chicago

Mauro Boianovsky’s Presidential Address: “Economists and their travels, or the time when JFK sent Douglass North on a mission to Brazil”
(the slides are available here)



Samuel Hollander’s Plenary Session: “John Stuart Mill and the Jewish Question”


Deirdre Nansen McCloskey’s Plenary Session: “The Two Movements in Economic Thought, 1700-2000: Empty Economic Boxes Revisited” 

Roundtable: “Economics, History and the Blogosphere: a roundtable on the history of recent macroeconomics”
(shorter edited video)

Participants: Pedro G. Duarte (University of São Paulo); Steve Ambler (Université du Québec à Montréal); Marcel Boumans (Erasmus University & University of Amsterdam); Kevin Hoover (Duke University)