During the presidency of Donald Walker, the History of Economics Society decided that instead of publishing the conference programs and paper abstracts in the HES Bulletin as it used to do, a selection of papers presented at the annual meetings would come out in edited volumes. Thus,  from 1989 to 2000, selected conference papers were published in Perspectives in the History of Economic Thought, a hardcover series published first by Edward Elgar (1989-1995) and then by Routledge (1996-2000).

In 1998, the HES President David Colander proposed to the Executive Committee that the book series to be terminated and that selected conference papers be then published in one dedicated issue of the Journal of the History of Economic Thought (the journal had recently moved from publishing two issues per year to four).

Publication Date Editor Title Publisher HES Conference Vol.
1989 Donald A. Walker Classical and Neo-classical Economic Thought Edward Elgar 1987 I
1989 Donald A. Walker Twentieth Century Economic Thought Edward Elgar 1987 II
1990 Donald E. Moggridge Classicals, Marxians and Neo-Classicals Edward Elgar 1988 III
1990 Donald E. Moggridge Keynes, Macroeconomics and Method Edward Elgar 1988 IV
1991 William J. Barber Themes in Pre-Classical, Classical and Marxian Economics Edward Elgar 1989 V
1991 William J. Barber Themes in Keynesian Criticism and Supplementary Modern Topics Edward Elgar 1989 VI
1992 S. Todd Lowry Perspectives on the Administrative Tradition: from Antiquity to the Twentieth Century Edward Elgar 1990 VII
1992 S. Todd Lowry Contributions to the History of Economics Edward Elgar 1990 VIII
1993 Robert F. Hébert Themes on Economic Discourse, Method, Money and Trade Edward Elgar 1991 IX
1994 Karen I. Vaughn Method, Competition, Conflict and Measurement in the Twentieth Century Edward Elgar 1992 X
1995 Ingrid H. Rima The Classical Tradition in Economic Thought Edward Elgar 1993 XI
1996 Laurence S. Moss Joseph A. Schumpeter, historian of economics Routledge 1994
1997 James P. Henderson The State of the History of Economics Routledge 1995
1998 Malcolm Rutherford The Economic Mind in America: Essays in the History of American Economics Routledge 1996
2000 David Colander Complexity and the history of economic thought Routledge 1998