Second Edition of the JHET Online Writing Workshop

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After a very successful series of workshops last year, we are proud to announce the second edition of the JHET Online Writing Workshops, and we come to invite you all to participate of its inaugural session. The workshop is conducted by Paul Dudenhefer, who had been for many years the managing editor of History of Political Economy(HOPE) and has a vast experience with helping economics students improve their academic writing.
  Although still focused mostly on academic writing, the second edition of the workshop includes other important dimensions of the academic work: presenting your work at conferences, writing and handling referee reports, how journals work, and writing book reviews and public writing. Nonetheless, academic writing occupies half of the six sessions planned for the second edition of the workshop. Why? Because although difficulties with writing is not exclusive to non-native English speakers, the fact that the history of economics is a very international community make language barriers a significant factor behind the heterogeneous representation of the works by historians written in English. In order to help both non-native and native English speakers improve their writing and presentation skills, JHET is offering these workshops free of charge to anyone interested. We will give priority to early-career scholars (graduate students or those who graduated in the last 5 years), but aim to have a diverse group of participants. The meeting takes place through Zoom.
  The first meeting will take place on March 24 (Wednesday), 2021, from 10AM to noon UDST time (UTC-4; New York time), and its topic is described below. If you are interested, please fill in the online form:
  The deadline for applying is Mar. 17, 2021 (Wednesday), and participation is subject to availability.
Session 1: Academic Presentations
  Please circulate this to anyone who may be interested.