JHET vol. 2: newest issue available!

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The June 2018 JHET issue contains the 2017 Presidential Address by Mauro Boianovsky, “Economists and their Travels, or the time when JFK sent Douglass North on a Mission to Brazil”, and articles:

  • Francesco Martelloni, Manuela Mosca: “De Viti de Marco, the ‘European War,’ and President Wilson
  • Olivier Rosell: “The Contribution of Robert Torrens to Ricardo’s Theory of Natural Wage”
  • Alain Béraud, Guy Numa: “Beyond Say’s Law: the Significance of J.-B. Say’s Monetary Views”
  • Kenneth Button: “A. J. Brown, ‘Phillips’s Curve,’ and Economic Networks in the 1950s”
  • Discussion Forum on “‘Keynes, Mill, and Say’s Law,’ by Roy Grieve” with contributions by James C. W. Ahiakpor, Roy H. Grieve, Steven Kates, Alain Béraud and Guy Numa

in addition to several book reviews