JHET: new issue available!

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The March issue of JHET is available! It features the following articles:

José Edwards: “Harry Helson’s Adaptation-level Theory, Happiness Treadmills, and Behavioral Economics” 

Mario Pomini: “Economic Dynamics and the Calculus of Variations in the Interwar Period”

Matteo Menegatti: “Bon Prix, Profit, and Capital Accumulation in Quesnay”

Peter Lewin, Nicolás Cachanosky: “The Average Period of Production: the history and the rehabilitation of an idea” 

Andrea Imperia, Vincenzo Maffeo, Fabio Ravagnani: “Wicksell on Walras’s Early Treatment of Capital and Interest”

Philipp Robinson Rössner: “Monetary Theory and Cameralist Economic Management, c. 1500-1900 A.D.” 

and also six book reviews, including Roger Backhouse’s review of Michel De Vroey’s book A History of Macroeconomics: From Keynes to Lucas and Beyond.

Check it out!