Douglass North’s Thought and Work

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Carolina Miranda Cavalcante, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Douglass North’s Thought and Work
Brief Summary: This presentation is part of the HES 2020 Virtual Conference. The article is about the evolution of five concepts in Douglass North thought. Those concepts are: mental models, institutions, State, economic history, and institutional change. I chose five of North`s books to analyze those selected concepts: (i) The Rise of the Western World: a new economic history (1973), in co-author with Robert Thomas; (ii) Structure and Change in Economic History (1981); (iii) Institutions, Institutional Change and Economic Performance (1990); (iv) Understanding the Process of Economic Change (2005); (v) Violence and Social Orders: a conceptual framework for interpreting recorded human history (2009), in co-author with John Wallis and Barry Weingast. The full article (only in Portuguese) can be accessed on my website:
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  1. Rafael Galvão de Almeida Posted on 06/20/2020 at 5:55 pm

    This was a great presentation, I have studied North as well and I think he’s a fascinating thinker. He had a complicated relationship with rational choice theory. I particularly think it must be hard to synthetize North’s evolution throughout his main books, with almost 40 years of difference between. I have one question: in your opinion, is it possible to separate a “theme” to North’s evolution?

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