A letter from Marcel Boumans, HES President, regarding the 2021 HES Conference

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Dear Historian of Economics,

Due to COVID-19 I was not able – really unfortunately – to welcome you in Utrecht last year to participate in the annual meeting of the History of Economics Society. This year the prospects are much better with vaccination programs having started in most of the countries. However, this process is slow, actually too slow for having a more or less normal HES conference in Utrecht in June. We have therefore decided to have the HES conference from 10 to 12 December. I expect that by then most of the vaccination programs have progressed such that most, if not all, of you are allowed to travel and visit the Netherlands without complications and that in the Netherlands all health restrictions are abolished. In my view the HES conferences are, beside the important opportunity to present your work, also important social events where one can share more informally new ideas and research plans, in corridors and at dinner tables, in other words the kind of social interaction we now are so missing. I really hope to see you in real in Utrecht in December.

Take care and stay sensible,

Marcel Boumans

President HES