Welcome to the HES 2020 Virtual Conference

June 17-21, 2020

A Message from Marcel Boumans, History of Economics Society President: (to come)



Draft Program

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 Webinar Sessions

18:00h (UTC 0)

HES Executive Committee Meeting

Not open to the public

14:00 – 15:30h (UTC 0)

Session 1A: Empirical Economics

  • Marius Kuster, When the diagnosis spoils the fun: the weekly reports by the Berlin Institute for Business Cycle Research (1928-1930)
  • Lúcia Regina Centurião, General Equilibrium Theory and the search of its empirical endorsement: Henry Ludwell Moore
  • Maria Bach, Enriching the concept of poverty through travel: Romesh Chandra Dutt’s travels to Europe in the late 19th century
  • Nicolas Vallois, The Luftmentsh as an economic metaphor for Jewish poverty: a rhetorical analysis

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16:00-17:30h (UTC 0)

Session 1B: Feminist Economics

  • Jessica M. Rodríguez Colón, Unveiling the Forgotten Voices of Female Thinkers: Rethinking Economics
  • Laura Valladão de Mattos, J.S. Mill and the Nature of Women: An Ethological Analysis of his Engagement with the ‘Women’s Cause’

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14:00 – 15:30h (UTC 0)

Session 2A: Harmony

  • Kirsten Madden & Joseph Persky, Taking Villages from Discord to Harmony: Robert Owen’s Logic of Cooperation and the Transitional Dilemma
  • Joseph Persky & Kirsten Madden, The Cooperative Economy of Christian Socialism
  • Andrew Lynn, Ethics, Economics, and the Specter of Social Naturalism: Mapping the Persisting Influence of the Harmony Doctrine School

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16:00-17:30h (UTC 0)

Session 2B: Marxist Themes

  • Isabella Weber, The (Im-)Possibility of Rational Socialism: Mises and the Socialist Calculation Debate in China
  • Sina Badiei, A Critique of the Marxian and neo-Ricardian Nonnormative Models of Exploitation-Based Capitalist Accumulation
  • Massimo Asta, Engagement in the History of Economics

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14:00 – 15:30h (UTC 0)

Session 3A: The Scope of Economics

  • Elizaveta Burina, Natural science analogies in economic modelling: Vladimir Bazarov’s restoration process model
  • Spencer Banzhaf, Pollution Pricing without Pigou
  • Ecem Okan, Smith on the history of Europe: the limited extent of Hume’s influence

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17:00-18:30h (UTC 0)

Session 3B: HES Business Meeting

Open to all HES Members

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Saturday, June 20

14:00 – 15:30h (UTC 0)

Session 4A: New Perspectives on the History of Women and Economics

  • John Singleton 
  • Marianne Johnson, Elinor Ostrom, Trajectories, and Public Choice
  • Rebeca Gomez-Betancourt & Camila Orozco Espinel, Feminist Economics: genesis and transformation of a sub-field of economics
  • Agnes Le Tollec, The Lost Art of Consumption, 1943-1965

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Asynchronous Video Presentations

Video blog posts will be open Wednesday, June 17 through Saturday, June 20 for comments and discussion.

We will be recording the webinars and will post video recordings of both types of sessions (webinar and asynchronous) through our YouTube channel after the virtual conference concludes.