2017 ASSA:


Session by Mauro Boianovsky: “The political economy of development economics – a historical perspective”

Stephen Meardon, Bowdoin College: “The political element in theories of American economic development, from the founding to the closing of the frontier”

Mauro Boianovsky, Universidade de Brasilia: “When the History of Ideas Meets Theory: Arthur Lewis and the Classical Economists on Development”

Karla Hoff, World Bank: “The birth of behavioral development economics”

Discussants: Sandra Peart, Amitava Dutt, Wade Hands


Session by Andrew Farrant: “Friedman, Chile, and the Chicago Boys”

Andrew Farrant, Dickinson University, and Leonidas Montes, Adolfo Ibanez University: “Friedman’s 1975 Visit to Chile in Context”

Edward McPhail, Dickinson University: “Friedman and Chile”

Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian, University of Desarrollo: “Brickmakers: On the history of ‘El Ladrillo’ in Chile”

Discussant: Stefan Kolev


Session by Mario Rizzo: “The History of Psychology in Economics: The Cases For and Against Psychology”

Wade Hands, University of Puget Sound: “The Strange History of Path-Dependency and Reference Points in Neoclassical Demand Theory.”

David Levy, George Mason University, and Sandra J. Peart, University of Richmond: “The ‘Inscrutability of the Mind’: How the End of Interpersonal Comparisons Removed Psychology from Economics”

Mario J. Rizzo, NYU: “That Old Time Religion: Why Economists Used to Say that Psychology Should Stay Out of Economics”

Bart J.Wilson, Chapman University: “Frank Knight’s Appraisal of Behavioral Economics”


Session by Nicola Giocoli: “Game theory’s booming decade, 1977-1987. A historical account”.

Joint panel with AEA

Panel Moderator: Nicola Giocoli, University of Pisa


Paul Erickson, Wesleyan University

Paul Milgrom, Stanford University

Roger Myerson, University of Chicago

Robert Gibbons, MIT

Hunter Heyck, University of Oklahoma