Annual Conference
The History of Economics Society holds an annual conference each year. Usually the conference is held at the end of June:
HES Annual Conference 2017: 22-25 June
University of Toronto (Trinity College)
Toronto, Canada
June, 2017

ASSA Sessions
The Society also organizes sessions at the annual Allied Social Sciences Associations (ASSA) conference held in January. The 2017 Sessions for the Chicago meeting are:

Session by Mauro Boianovsky: “The political economy of development economics – a historical perspective”
Stephen Meardon, Bowdoin College: “The political element in theories of American economic development, from the founding to the closing of the frontier”
Mauro Boianovsky, Universidade de Brasilia: “When the History of Ideas Meets Theory: Arthur Lewis and the Classical Economists on Development”
Karla Hoff, World Bank: “The birth of behavioral development economics”
Discussants: Sandra Peart, Amitava Dutt, Wade Hands

Session by Andrew Farrant: “Friedman, Chile, and the Chicago Boys”
Andrew Farrant, Dickinson University, and Leonidas Montes, Adolfo Ibanez University: “Friedman’s 1975 Visit to Chile in Context”
Edward McPhail, Dickinson University: “Friedman and Chile”
Juan Pablo Couyoumdjian, University of Desarrollo: “Brickmakers: On the history of ‘El Ladrillo’ in Chile”
Discussant: Peter Boettke

Session by Mario Rizzo: “The History of Psychology in Economics: The Cases For and Against Psychology”
Wade Hands, University of Puget Sound: “The Strange History of Path-Dependency and Reference Points in Neoclassical Demand Theory.”
David Levy, George Mason University, and Sandra J. Peart, University of Richmond: “The ‘Inscrutability of the Mind’: How the End of Interpersonal Comparisons Removed Psychology from Economics”
Mario J. Rizzo, NYU: “That Old Time Religion: Why Economists Used to Say that Psychology Should Stay Out of Economics”
Bart J.Wilson, Chapman University: “Frank Knight’s Appraisal of Behavioral Economics”

Session by Nicola Giocoli: “Game theory’s booming decade, 1977-1987. A historical account”
Joint panel with AEA
Panel Moderator: Nicola Giocoli, University of Pisa
Paul Erickson, Wesleyan University
Paul Milgrom, Stanford University
Roger Myerson, University of Chicago
Robert Gibbons, MIT
Hunter Heyck, University of Oklahoma