HES New Initiatives Fund

The History of Economics Society was formally constituted in 1974 to promote interest in an inquiry into the history of economics and related parts of intellectual history; to facilitate communication and discourse among scholars working in the field of the history of economics; and to disseminate knowledge about the history of economics.

While the society’s annual meeting will continue to be the principal means for accomplishing these goals, the History of Economics Society also administers a New Initiatives Fund. Competition for funding is open to HES members only. The Society issues two calls for New Initiatives Proposals each fiscal year.

The first has a deadline of December 1st, with decisions announced late in January. The second has a deadline of May 15th, with decisions announced early in July.

The Society allocates a total of $35,000 per year in support of New Initiatives. Proposals may request any amount between zero and the annual allocation.

The primary selection criterion will be the quality of the proposal in light of the preferences and submission guidelines listed below. The HES will not consider proposals to fund individual travel for research projects or conference participation. Proposals that include funding for travel for multiple participants (e.g. workshops or exchanges) will be considered.

Proposals will be vetted by an Initiatives Committee appointed by the HES president; recommendations of this committee are then voted on by the full Executive Committee. Proposers are encouraged to discuss the ways in which the project could have a lasting impact on scholarship in the field, and support the mission of the HES, as specified above. The Initiatives Committee is particularly interested in:

  • Proposals that clearly have innovative elements, for example, for projects that involve or encourage newer research methodologies or the exploration of under-researched areas or themes.
  • Proposals to develop “public good” resources for historians of economics– digitizing archival material, for example, or creating searchable databases.
  • Proposals that create opportunities for interaction between HES members and scholars outside the HES who share our membership’s interest in the history of economics.
  • Proposals that have as a component support for younger scholars or scholars with inadequate access to research support.
  • Proposals that are well designed to encourage research and/or teaching initiatives.

Multi-year initiatives will be viewed more favorably if they have a plausible plan for developing their own sources of ongoing funding. Funding from the Society is not considered an ongoing commitment but may be renewed at the committee’s discretion.


Guidelines and Proposal Format

Proposals should not exceed 1500 words and must include the following:

  1. Cover page providing the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all proposers.
  2. Project narrative addressing
  • Need for and objectives of the project;
  • Tentative dates, proposed location, as applicable;
  • Project design including the major features and specific activities of the project and how they relate to the goals of the History of Economics Society;
  • Strategy for project evaluation;
  • Personnel who will be involved in the project and their roles
  1. A detailed budget indicating how the dollar figure requested was determined, how the money will be used and when.
  2. A one-page vita from each Principal Investigator highlighting professional activities relevant to the proposal, and any previous experience managing grants, organizing conferences, etc.

Recipients are expected to submit a report to the HES President following the completion of the event specifying how the funds were utilized, summarizing the proceedings of the event, and reporting on evaluation results.


How to Apply

Proposals should be submitted electronically as pdf files to the History of Economics Society Manager at hes@uwosh.edu.





     New Initiatives Proposals Selected in the Past
Grant Round Title Proponents
December 2018 Winter Institute Ross Emmett, Scott Scheall, and Tyler DesRoches
May 2017 History of Macroeconometric Modeling Marcel Boumans, Pedro Duarte, Beatrice Cherrier, Kevin Hoover, Roger Backhouse
January 2017 The Architecture, Experience, and Aftermath of a Financial Disaster: John Law and the Mississippi Bubble Carl Wennerlind
January 2017

Podcasts on the History of Economic Thought

Podcasts – Budget

Scott Scheall, Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, and Gerardo Serra
May 2016 From Scotland to the South of the Mediterranean : The Thought of Adam Smith through Europe and Beyond Fabrizio Simon
May 2016 Second Latin American Summer School for Young Scholars in the History of Economic Thought (HESSLA) Andrés Álvarez, Alexandre Mendes Cunha, Jimena Hurtado, Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak
December 2015 A Workshop on “Historicizing ‘The Economy’” Adam E. Leeds, Onur Özgöde, Daniel Hirschman
April 2015 HISRECO 2016 (History of Recent Economics Conference) Pedro Garcia Duarte, Yann Giraud
December 2014 First Latin American Summer School for Young Scholars in the History of Economic Thought (HESSLA) Andrés Álvarez, Alexandre Mendes Cunha, Jimena Hurtado, Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak
July 2014 Mapping Economics since the 1950s : An open-access web platform for the visual exploration of economic publications François Claveau, Till Düppe and Yves Gingras
April 2014 The Montréal Summer School in the History of Science and Economics Till Düppe, Juan Carvajalino, and Alessandro Barattieri