The Warren J. and Sylvia J. Samuels Young Scholars Program

The Samuels Young Scholars Program is dedicated to maintaining the field of the History of Economics. The Samuels Young Scholars Program, started in 2000 as an initiative from Professor Sandra Peart, is designed to support and highlight research by PhD candidates and scholars who have obtained their PhDs within the last two years. Selected participants are given the opportunity to present their work in special Young Scholar sessions at the annual HES conference.

Those chosen for the Young Scholars program sessions will receive free registration and conference dinner/banquet ticket and a year's membership of the society, which includes the society's Journal for the History of Economic Thought. Additional funding may be available to cover accommodation costs at the conference.

In addition, the HES supports the participation of Young Scholars at the Summer Institute for the Preservation of the History of Economic Thought now held at the University of Richmond. Students at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level who wish to attend the Institute are provided a travel grant of $500. Participants who receive support from the HES are selected jointly by the HES and the SI. Interested students can obtain more information by emailing the current President of the Society.


Young Scholars, 2015.

  • Constance Andre-Aigret, Universite Lumiere Lyon 2
  • Victor Bianchini, Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
  • Natalia Bracarense, North Central College
  • Fabian Braeseman, Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Lucy Brillant, Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
  • Juan Carvajalino, Universite du Quabec a Montreal
  • Gabriele Ciampini, Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
  • Pierrick Dechaux, Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
  • Christopher England, Georgetown University
  • Erich Pinzon-Fuchs, Universite Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
  • A. Reeves Johnson, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Pierre Leviaux, Laboratoire d'Economie des Transports
  • Clara Elisabetta Mattei, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Pisa)
  • Pierre-Hernan Rojas, Universite Paris Dauphine
  • John D. Singleton, Duke University
  • Adrien Vila, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales


Young Scholars, 2013.

  • François Allisson, Université de Lausanne
  • Juan Carvajalino, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • François Claveau, Université du Québec à Montréal
  • Shiri Cohen, Hebrew University
  • Danilo Freitas Ramalho da Silva, Universdade de São Paulo
  • Erwin Dekker, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Francesco Di Iorio, Duke University
  • Verena Halsmayer, University of Vienna
  • Dorian Jullien, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • Luis Mireles-Flores, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Marc-William Palen, Yale University
  • Johannes Schwarzer, University of Hohenheim
  • Alex M. Thomas, University of Sydney


Young Scholars, 2012.

  • Matthieu Ballandonne, University of Angers
  • Simon Bilo, George Mason University
  • Per Byland, University of Missouri
  • Tyler DesRoches, University of British Columbia
  • Florian Fougy, University of Angers
  • Paulie Huet, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, EHESS, Fr. and University of Quebec at Montreal
  • Jerome Lange, University of St. Gallen
  • Alexander Lorch, University of St. Gallen
  • Martin Öhman, University of Virginia
  • Juan Fernando Palacio Roldan, University of St. Gallen
  • Ilaria Pasotti, University of Florence
  • Philippe Poinsot, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Danilo Freitas Ramalho da Silva, University of São Paolo
  • Johannes Schwarzer, University of Hohenheim
  • Gerardo Serra, London School of Economics
  • Andrej Svorencik, Utrecht University
  • Peter-Wim Zuidhof, University of Amsterdam


Young Scholars, 2011.
Notre Dame University, USA

  • Stefano Agnoletto, Kingston University
  • Joseph Blosser, University of Chicago
  • Per Bylund, University of Missouri
  • Ekkehard Köhler, Walter Eucken Institut
  • Judith Favereau
  • Stefan Kolev, University of Hamburg Erfurt
  • Arie Krampf, The Hebrew University
  • Regis Servant, University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne - PHARE
  • Claire Silvant, University of Paris 2 Malakoff
  • Carlos Eduardo Suprinyak, Cedeplar/UFMG Belo Horizonte-MG
  • Norikazu Takami, Duke University


Young Scholars, 2010.
Syracuse University, USA

  • Tomoyuki Arai, Chuo University
  • Joe Blosser, University of Chicago
  • Shiri Cohen, Bar-Ilan University
  • Svetoslav Danchev
  • Carlo D'Ippoliti, Sapienza University
  • Till Düppe
  • Virginie Gouverneur
  • Stefan Kolev
  • Roberto Lampa
  • Craig McLaren, UC Riverside
  • Florencia Sember
  • Claire Silvant
  • Nicolas Vallois
  • Eric Weyl
  • Altug Yalcintas


Young Scholars, 2009.
University of Colorado, Denver, USA

  • Jonathan Andreas, Bluffton University and U of Illinois at Chicago
  • Laurie Bréban, Phare, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Guillermo Cavazos, Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana
  • Beatrice Cherrier,H2S-ENS Cachan
  • Alexandre Cunha, Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG)
  • Federico D'Onofrio, Universiteit van Amsterdam
  • Viviana Di Giovinazzo, University of Macerata and Paris 1
  • Guy Numa, Université Paris Dauphine
  • Chris Payne, London School of Economics
  • Christian Schmidt, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University
  • Andrej Svorencik, University of Amsterdam
  • Teresa Tomas Rangil, Economix-Cachan
  • Rob Van Horn, University of Rhode Island/ Duke University
  • Cameron Weber, New School for Social Research


Young Scholars, 2008.

  • Gianluca Bertini, University of Florence
  • C. Tyler Des Roches, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • José M. Edwards, University of Paris 1 Panthéon - Sorbonne
  • Tae-Hee Jo, Buffalo State College
  • Namhyung Lee, Korea University
  • Yann Giraud, University of Paris X - Nanterre
  • Floris Heukelom, University Nijmegen
  • Clement Levallois, City University London
  • Craig McLaren, University of California, Riverside
  • Benjamin Mitra-Kahn, City University, London and New School for Social Research
  • Paolo Trabucchi, Università Roma Tre


Young Scholars, 2007.
George Mason University, Virginia, USA

  • Francisco Aldape , New School, "Equililbrium or Socialist Theorists "
  • David Duhamel , University of Paris I, "The Missing Women: Back to the Values "
  • Jose Miguel Edwards , University of Paris I, "Psychophysical  Insights in Contemporary Economics "
  • Jean-Baptiste Fleury, EconomiX-Cachan, "Redefining the Social in a Changing Society: Origins and Reception of Gary Becker's Economics of Discrimination "
  • Floris Heukelom , University of Amsterdam, "The Market in Experimental and Behavioral Economics "
  • Martha King, St. Louis University, "Conceptions of Human Nature in Economic Systems and Thought "
  • Benjamin H. Mitra-Kahn, City University, London, "Understanding National Accounting in Hindsight "
  • Arash Molavi , University of Hohenheim, "The Last Heirs of the Marginalist Revolution: The Austrian Perspective on the Monetary Economy - A Critical Assessment of Contemporary Macroeconomics "
  • Ryan Peterson , George Mason University, "Antipathetic Motivation in Adam Smith "


Young Scholars, 2005.
University of Puget Sound, Washington, USA

  • Gregor Zwirn, University of Paris, "Methodological Individualism and Subjectivism in the Writings of Lachmann: A Realist Clarification"
  • Yoshino Yusuke, Kyoto University, "Hayek's Subjectivism contra Shackle"
  • Neel Chamilall, University of Paul Cezanne, "Whiteheadian Vespers"
  • Huascar Pessali, University of Hertfordshire, "Rhetorical Transactions and Transaction Cost Economics"
  • David Seim, Iowa State University, "The 'Ames School' of Economics, 1934-1950"
  • Alexander Bick, "A Pattern to Others: Bernard Mandeville and the Economy of the Dutch"
  • Tiziana Foresti, University of Pisa, "Thorstein B. Veblen in Italy in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: Hysteriographical Perspectives"
  • Huei-Chun Su, University of Exeter, "Distributive Justice and Liberty: A New Perspective on John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism"
  • Susana Martinez-Rodriguez, University of Santiago, "The Ideas of Spanish Economists in the Second Half of the 19th Century on Position of Women in the Economy"


Young Scholars, HES 2004.
Victoria University, Toronto, Canada

  • Alexander Tobon, University of Paris "On Prices in Myrdal's Monetary Theory"
  • Patrick Lebonnais, Université du Québec à Montréal "Schelling, Ellsberg and The Strategy of Conflict"
  • Damien Fessler, GRESE University of Paris "Cournot's Researches and Classical Measurement of Value: Ricardian Origins of Some Formal Aspects of Microeconomics"
  • Tom Stapleford, University of Notre Dame "The Consumer Price Index and American Political Economy: Stabilizing an Economic Fact"
  • Mohammed Maljoo, University of Tehran "The Transformation of Economics in Iran, Viewed through 'Journal of Economic Research', 1960-2000"
  • David Teira, University of Salamanca "Milton Friedman, the Statistical Methodologist"
  • Michael Reay, Reed College "Mainstream American Economists Assess their Discipline"
  • Sharon Shewmake & Justin Bledin, Duke University "Research Programs, Model-Building and Actor Network Theory: Reassessing the Case of the Leontief Paradox"
  • Daniel Green, New York University "Benthamite Utilitarianism as an Economic Analysis of Criminal Law"
  • Rosaria Adriani, University of Pisa "The Relationships Between the Debate Around the Measurement of Utility and the History of Social Welfare Function (1938-1950s)"
  • Pedro Duarte, Duke University "A History of Time in Economics: Does it Matter?"
  • Marino Muzhani, University of Firenze "Choosing Between Fixed Exchange Rates, Flexible Exchange Rates and Optimum Currency Areas. History and Perspective"


Young Scholars, HES 2003.
Duke University, North Carolina, USA

  • Jean Guillaume Forand, University of Quebec at Montreal "A Debate in the Foundations of Game Theory"
  • Thomas Scheiding, University of Notre Dame "A History of Print Journals in Economics"
  • Shauna Saunders, Duke University "The Case for the National Endowment for the Arts"
  • Aida Ramos, University of Notre Dame "A critical reappraisal of Sir James Steuart"
  • Eric Schliesser, Wesleyan University The "Uncommon" Road of a Subtle and Refined Thinker; Hume's methods"
  • Leon Montes, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez "Of the Character of Virtue in Adam Smith"


Young Scholars, HES 2002.
University of California, Davis, USA

  • Tiago Mata & Cristel de Rouvray, London School of Economics, "Historian's Definition of Dissent"
  • Edward Nik-Khah, University of Notre Dame, "A History of Mechanism Design"
  • Mohammad Maljoo, Tehran University, "The Geneology of the Dominant Economic Discourse in Today Iran"
  • Maria Pia Pagenelli, Yeshiva University, "Public Debt as an 18th Century Example of Best-case Thinking"
  • Kirk Johnson, Michigan State University, "Power in Smith's Social System"
  • Michael E. Dowell, University of California at Davis and California State University, Sacramento, "Sir James Steuart's 'Vibrations In The Balance Of Wealth': Money, Banking And Economic Growth"


Young Scholars, HES 2001.
Wake Forest University, North Carolina, USA

  • Marie Duggan, Keene State College, "The Laws of the Market vs. The Laws of God"
  • David Duhamel, Universite de Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, "Social Contract Theories: A Leap Between Two Generations"
  • Leandro Montello, Universite de Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne, "Measuring Welfare: From the Hedonical Science to an Economic Perspective"
  • Kyu Sang Lee, University of Notre Dame, "Innovating Experimental Economics"
  • Kimberly Phillips-Fein, Columbia University, "The 'Clark Problem' Revisited: John Bates Clark and the Political Significance of American Marginalism"
  • James Smith, Bucknell University, "James Buchanan on Ethics and Economics: Why Doesn't Anyone Care?"


Young Scholars, HES 2000.
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

  • Peter Rodenburg, Universiteit Amsterdam "The Influence of Economic Theory on Labour Market Statistics: The Case of the Netherlands"
  • Chikako Nakayama, Kumamoto University and Shigeki Tomo, Kyoto Sangyo University "The Economic Thought of Morgenstern in Austria and in America"
  • Bruno Tinel, Universite Lumiere Lyon 2 "Towards a One and Only View of the Origins and Functions of Hierarchy?"
  • Marianne Johnson, Suffolk University "Benjamin Franklin and an American Theory of Value"
  • Masazumi Wakatabe, Waseda University "The Humean Moment: 'Industry, Knowledge and Humanity' in the History of Economic Thought"
  • Nicola Tynan, George Mason University "London Water Supply in the Nineteenth Century: From Theory to Policy"
  • Pedro Nuno Teixeira, Universidade do Porto "Path-Dependence or Father's Figure: Human Capital Theory and Classical Political Economy"