Presidents Emeriti

Presidents serve a one year term as President, preceded by a year as President-Elect. Past Presidents serve two years on the Society's executive committee, and then one year as the chair of the nominating committee. The President-elect organizes the program of the annual conference and serves as conference host (locally, if facilities permit). The President delivers a keynote address at the conference which is published in the September issue of the Journal of the History of Economic Thought.

Robert Leonard 2014-15
Margaret Schabas 2013-14
Robert Dimand 2012-13
Philip Mirowski 2011-12
Jerry Evensky 2010-11
Steven G. Medema 2009-10
Avi Cohen 2008-09
Sandra Peart 2007-08
Bradley W. Bateman 2006-07
D. Wade Hands 2005-06
Mary S. Morgan 2004-05
E. Roy Weintraub 2003-04
Kevin D. Hoover 2002-03
J. Daniel Hammond 2001-02
John Davis 2000-01
Bruce Caldwell 1999-00
David Colander 1998-99
Robert Clower 1997-98
Malcolm Rutherford 1996-97
James P. Henderson 1995-96
Laurence S. Moss 1994-95
Ingrid Rima 1993-94
Karen I. Vaughn 1992-93
Robert F. Hebert 1991-92
S. Todd Lowry 1990-91
William J. Barber 1989-90
Donald E. Moggridge 1988-89
Donald A. Walker 1987-88
Abraham Hirsch 1986-87
A. W. Coats 1985-86
Mark Perlman 1984-85
John Whitaker 1983-84
Martin Bronfenbrenner 1982-83
Warren Samuels 1981-82
William D. Grampp 1980-81
Royall Brandis 1979-80
Craufurd D. W. Goodwin 1978-79
Carl G. Uhr 1977-78
George J. Stigler 1976-77
Joseph J. Spengler 1975-76
Vincent J. Tarascio 1974-75